Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The Midwestern Mix, Volume One

A few months ago, I asked my readers if they would be interested in receiving the Midwestern Position Mix, Volume One.

I only received four takers. Leif, Shelly, Melanie, and Angela, Volume One is in the mail. But to entice other readers or allow them to kick themselves for missing this free CD, I will post the mix.

The songs that I have placed on Volume One have either been songs and/or artists mentioned on the blog over the last two years. They were usually discussed in terms of karaoke worth, Amazon recommendations, general recommendations, or my obsession with certain songs from the past.

Disc One
Groove Me by King Floyd

Today by Joshua Radin

I Say a Little Prayer by Aretha Franklin

Golddigger by Kayne West

Barbeque by The Animal Liberation Orchestra

Heat of the Moment by Asia

Blackbird by The Beatles

I'm Movin' Out by Billy Joel

Don't Come Easy by Patty Griffin

Colors by Amos Lee

Heart of Glass by Blondie

Troubled Mind by Catie Curtis

You're So Vain by Carly Simon

9 to 5 by Dolly Parton

September by Earth, Wind, & Fire

Second Hand News by Fleetwood Mac

I Heard It Through the Grapevine by Gladys Knight and the Pips

Rich Girl by Hall & Oates

Barracuda by Heart

Proud Mary by Tina and Ike Turner

Hammer and a Nail by Indigo Girls

Sunset Soon Forgotten by Iron & Wine


Eyes said...

I'm sorry I missed it! Looks interesting :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Sara,

(Amanda's friend Colleen again)
I am conducting a little test just for you. This week at work we are selling Senior River Boat tickets for our Graduating Seniors, we began selling on Monday 5/1. We are selling 500 tickets, I have to tell you that 75% of them have written a check to pay for their ticket. We accept credit cards, cash and even their student account, yet so many are opting to write a check...and these are future grads. So I am happy to report that the good old check is still alive and well in Minnesota.

Sorry I missed the cd mix- it looks great!

shelly said...

can't wait!! would you like a rough draft of my SVU episode in exchange? hehehe i am way too divulgent on my blog. i wonder when i will have to write a post called, "regret" followed by "good-bye"

Amanda said...

Well, I love a mixed cd. I believe the "call" was sent out back when we had dial up internet, so I couldn't leave comments or send my excited request for the cd! THANKS, Sara! Please send one to Adams!

Carm said...

I love the song Secondhand News by Fleetwood Mac. So are you saying the free CD offer is no good? What can I do now to change your mind? Perhaps this should be something I start doing on my blog. I love the idea. I love your music and I love my DISCO cds you made me ages ago.