Thursday, May 05, 2005

Diet Coke Dependency

We all have our little addictions. Some shop. Some drink. Some smoke. I claim to have many obsessions, yet only one true addiction. I know it is an addiction because when I can't have it or get my hands on it when I need it, I panic. This exact thing happened today in the teacher's lounge at noon lunch.

Back story...

My friend, Jodi, and I have become quite generous with our morning Diet Coke giving. One day, I will bring in two, cold Diet Cokes. Then, another day that week, Jodi will bring me a Diet Coke. It is a beautiful thing. So, today I didn't even have to go to the teacher's lounge for my morning fix of Diet Coke. Seriously, if I don't have Diet Coke flowing through my veins by at least 7:45 AM, I am not happy.

So, I enjoyed my bottle of Diet Coke all morning. I went to lunch with 50 cents jingling in my pocket, walked up the pop machine, and saw that Diet Coke and my runner-up, Diet Cherry Coke, was SOLD OUT! It was like a scene from a movie. The camera pans in for a close up of the panic.

I started ranting and raving about how I don't have a break in the afternoon so I can't even run and get a soda. Ugh. I am starting to get some strange stares from other teachers already eating their lunch.

But, then, like a super-hero, Jodi comes in and offers me one of her two extra Diet Cokes that she brought from home! Ahhhh...sweet relief. We fueled up for another afternoon of fighting ignorance.

So, the important lesson I learned today is that I should always...ALWAYS...have a spare Diet Coke on hand.


MandyGirl said...

My college roommate had a Coke dependency. It was BAD. If he didn't have a Coke every morning, he'd start complaining of headaches.

And yay for Rascal Flatts! ;)

Dree said...

That's so weird... I was just going to post about MY former college roommate's diet coke dependency, but someone else beat me to it! Must've been a common thing! My roommate used to drink it with her poptart for breakfast.

Eyes said...

My husband has the same addiction with regular coke. Ugh!

I tell him he is going to be toothless one day and it is not going to be pretty!

Soda is biggest cause of tooth decay in America today! Did you know that? I used to be a dental assistance long ago.

Rhiannon said...

I have to have one a day. It can be caffeine-free or even diet pepsi (although diet coke is far superior) but I must always have one.