Thursday, September 04, 2008

Cindy McCain is Filthy Rich

I know that I have been writing a lot about my two cents about the election, but I simply cannot help myself tonight.

I like Laura Bush. I just do. I think she is a classy lady and I think she speaks with grace and empathy. I do not have anything against Cindy McCain, but I do have one issue with her.

On Monday night, Cindy McCain and Laura Bush spoke to the Republican National Convention and the American people to ask for donations for victims of Hurricane Gustav. Little did we know, Cindy was wearing an estimated $300,000 worth of clothing and jewelry.

Yes, you read that right. $300,000.

I can't swallow that she is asking people to donate in the middle of a near recession as she stands in an outfit that costs more than my house. I would happily donate to many causes, but Cindy standing there in her Oscar de la Renta and her three-carat diamond earrings does not convince me to give. I do not have my giving or not giving wrapped up in this Cindy McCain outfit, but I think it is something to consider when we have John McCain telling us that he can relate to our problems.

Yes, you could argue that it isn't John McCain's money, but trust me. John McCain is not eating Chef Boyardee at his seven kitchen tables.


Anonymous said...

Yes! Yes! I love it-


Carm said...

Did you read Heather Armstrong's remarks over at This reminds me of that. Check it out.

Jacinta said...

Her money, her choice. I think she looked fabulous in $300,000 outfit.

Courtney said...

You make such an enlightening point here, Sara. A lot of Americans are clearly not understanding the problem with continued recession as a result of our Republican leadership. The economy needs some major straightening out and as long as our leaders are more familiar with Oscar and diamond shopping rather than community responsibility programs, we are going to continue losing our middle class and feeding our middle class dollars to the upper class corporates.