Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My Day

People always ask, "How was your day?" I have decided to tell you every detail of my day.

I wake up at 6AM. I pack my lunch and head out about 7AM. I drive in the right hand lane at about five miles over the speed limit, but that still doesn't seem to be fast enough for Philadelphia drivers. They like to pass me with disgust.

I pull into the Dunkin' Donuts drive through. It is a cut throat drive through. I have had many drivers/drinkers think that the rules of the road do not apply to the drive through, but let me assure you. They do. It's funny what people try to do with their bumper.

After I get my medium hazelnut coffee with cream and sugar, I turn my ipod onto shuffle. Why do I wait until I get my coffee? Because it just seems right. I am just not sure that I could hear the music until I can taste the hazelnut.

I take a road that is mildly deserted in the wee hours of the morning. It's pretty and curvy.

I arrive at my little kindergarten center located on a beautiful college campus. I spend the hour and thirty minutes before the children arrive preparing plans, activities, and lessons for five and six year olds. During the next seven hours, I comfort the boo-boos. I sing the songs. I teach the lessons. I manage the young. I read the books. I build the blocks. I play the tag. I encourage. I admonish, if needed.

After all of the children are on the buses home, I head out to the local drug store. I can't believe how much stuff costs. I needed some odds and ends and those odds and ends add up.

I head home to discover three new netflix movie envelopes, one birthday card, two catalogues, and one bank statement in my mailbox. I call my friend. We chat. I write one email. I watch Hardball with Chris Matthews. And now, I am writing this blog post.

And now you know all about my typical day.


Carm said...

Well, this doesn't describe your yesterday, but I hope that it was good for you. Your birthday, I mean. I resisted the facebook birthday wall rush and decided to comment here. I'm a nerd. I don't want the blog to be neglected. I like to distribute my love.

ellie said...

Your birthday was yesterday! Oh, I forgot! I think I even left you a message on your voicemail. I am so sorry. I completely forgot.

Happy belated birthday, Sara!

Joy Austin said...

Happy Birthday belated Sara.

I thought about you on your day which I do on most of my nieces and nephews but I am a really bad aunt in getting out cards or such. I hope you had a great day. I am with you on the hazelnut coffee. I love the taste and also starts my day right. Take care.

Love Joy

Political Muse said...

She is right, though. She is a very very bad aunt!

Especially when she calls you belated rather than your birthday. What are you implying?

Love you mom... ;)