Sunday, January 18, 2009

Midwestern Endorsement: William Fitzsimmons

My newest music obsession is a man named William Fitzsimmons. He is the kind of artist that one should listen to only if they are comfortable in the melancholy state. He sings songs about lost love, what could have been, and how it should feel when a person feels absolutely terrible with their heart cracking slowing. I love it. But, I am one of those people who enjoy a sad song more often than not. It is folky and nostalgic. Both things that I am prone to like. His story is interesting too. Now, I will stalk his website with hopes that he will make his way to Philadelphia.

1 comment:

patrick said...

I think we will ALWAYS be friends. Seriously.

Oh, and last night I went back and read the first year and a half of my blog. I BUSTED out laughing the first time you commented on it, because you flipped out that I was talking about the Garden State soundtrack and I&W.

I bought William's new album on iTunes last wednesday. Still haven't stopped listening to it.