Sunday, January 18, 2009

Tales of the Grocery Store

Well, it is that time on Midwestern Position when I share my observations from the grocery store. I love grocery shopping, but my passion for groceries is slowly fading with my time in Philly. However, this morning was great. The following is a chronological list of events that took place at the grocery store.

1. A woman 'raced' me to the carts. I did not know that we were racing, but it was made clear to me when she put her hand on the cart that I had just grabbed. She said, "I'll take it."

What? Really? Okay. Because there are 35 more carts sitting here for me to take.

2. When I was choosing my bunch of bananas, a woman was muttering under her breathe about how they never have quality bananas. How "could it kill them to get the GD bananas out before they are all yellow?" I felt that she was addressing me, but I have always found it best to just walk away.

3. I was called "BABE" three times at the deli counter.
"What do you need, Babe?"
"Which turkey, Babe?"
"Have a good day, Babe."
I don't object to this term of endearment. It entertains me.

4. While waiting in line for my deli items, they had sample sandwiches on the counter. Even though I do not enjoy free samples of food at the grocery store, I observed a man eat three of them. Yes, the line was that long at the deli counter that I could see this man come back two more times for a sandwich while he shopped.


Carm said...

Wow. That's some crazy stuff. I think I might have sworn at the wet wipe dispenser at the gym on Friday morning. I'm probably now on someone's blog as that crazy lady who curses at inanimate objects and stomps away. Tee hee.

patrick said...

Oh geez! We don't really have weirdos at the grocery store. Is this something I should look out for when I move north? Or is this only in YOUR general area?

(Maybe they are doing it just to freak you out.) O_o

I'm starting to get comment-y again. This is three in a row.

Anonymous said...

I don't enjoy grocery shopping at all. But I think it's because the store closest to me is always busy and full of people who like to take their time. I am an in-and-out kind of girl.