Friday, March 20, 2009

Kate Walsh Downloads are Always Good

Last spring, my obsession with the singer Kate Walsh hit a peak when I went to her small show in Philly. Amazing. She is terrific on her CDs, but even better live. At the show, she sang several songs from her upcoming album. I obsessed over them and searched the interwebs for them without success.

That was until another fan sent me a link where I could find THREE!!! new songs from Kate Walsh. The three songs are downloadable to itunes for free, my friends!

It's true. She isn't for everybody, but she is definitely for me with her soft guitar and emotional lyrics. my own life, I am pragmatic. I am reasonable in thought and emotion, but in my listening life, the more heart-wrenching, the better. Kate does heart-wrenching very well. I find her lyrics startling and honest. I find her voice honest and pure.

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