Saturday, April 04, 2009

Not-So-Big Plans

Tim and I have decided on a "staycation" for our spring break. It is the first spring break that we haven't hosted visitors to our home. Although we always welcome guests, I am looking forward to ten days filled with sleeping in, lazy mornings, day trips and relaxation.

Spring break is on the list of perks for my job. I love the break and usually feel rejuvenated to tackle all that the rest of the year has to offer in kindergarten. And because I am a simple girl, I have a simple list of things to accomplish during my ten day hiatis from kindergarten.

  1. Buy an ice cream maker for my Kitchenaid mixer.
  2. Make ice cream with my new attachment to the Kitchenaid mixer.
  3. Buy a new tv stand for the new tv that Tim bought for us.
  4. Cook a nice dinner at least three times.
  5. Start to clean up our yard. It is in need of some spring cleaning.
Well, that is about it. If I can get all of that accomplished this week, it will be time well spent.


Anonymous said...

You should go to that downtown marketplace and eat crepes one day too. I still think about how yummy those were.


Carm said...

Mmmm... good suggestion, Rhiannon. I would if I could! :) Sorry I've been AWOL on my bog and facebook and twitter and pretty much everywhere. I'm back and will be doing a bit of blog back-posting... It has to be done!

patrick said...

An excellent choice! Hope it was fun!