Friday, June 12, 2009

Granny's Place

I have made my return to Iowa. Well, at least for two months. We have rented a furnished apartment so Tim can complete a research project at Iowa State University. The last time that we rented a furnished apartment, we made the mistake of renting in campus town at ISU. It was loud and the apartment was very industrial. I am sure it was supposed to be hip, but to us, we felt that we were living in a warehouse.

Fast forward to today when I arrived at the apartment. Tim has been living here for two weeks. This apartment could not be more opposite of the former apartment at ISU. First, we are living in Ankeny. It is the suburb of Des Moines where we lived for two years prior to moving to Philly. The funny thing is...the apartment has the stylings of a grandmother's apartment from 1989. I really don't mind. It is for a brief time and it makes our life easy to have a furnished apartment.

Now that I have cleaned the apartment and put our clothes away, the rest of the summer awaits me. Let the midwestern adventures begin.

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