Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Iowa Life

Being back in Iowa, I am reminded of all that I know is true about Iowa.

First, I have "survived" two summer storms in Iowa. For those readers outside of the midwest or tornado alley, thunderstorms in the midwest are completely different than what I experience in Pennsylvania. When I hear thunder and see lightning in Pennsylvania, I do not even look outside. I know all is well. Just a little wet. However, in Iowa, when there is a thunderstorm and you are in the eye of the storm, the thunder is cracking and the wind is wicked.

On Wednesday night, we woke up at 2Am to see the tree outside our window bowing to the point of almost breaking. It passed after much thunder and much lightning. I was checking the news on television to make sure that I would "survive". As I walked around town the following day, there were lots of tree limbs down and things were messy. It wasn't a tornado, but scary.

Hardy life-long Iowans don't seem to worry the way I do about the summer storms the way that I do. They impress me.

The other thing that I know is true about Iowa, things are cheap. We enjoyed a movie for one dollar a piece. They have a theater where movies play that about a month or two old. We hadn't gotten a chance to see Wolverine and it was playing. We've enjoyed dollar sundaes too. I could go on, but I think you get the idea.

Life is good in Iowa. We are enjoying our time here even if the storms place me near the edge of crazy sometimes.

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Gay, Married, with Cat said...

Iowa does have one big drawback: winter. Indeed, the cartoonist for the DM Register once penned that Iowa only has two seasons: snow removal and road repair. LOL. The people are great.

It looks like we switched places (PA & IA).