Wednesday, July 22, 2009

New Favorite: The Little Couple

I haven't met a reality show that I didn't like. However, most of the people who are on reality television walk the line between emotional instability and uncontrolable narcissism. These labels do not apply to my new favorite reality television family, The Little Couple. I love them. I wish they lived near me so we could be friends. Seriously.

Jen is a doctor and I can only hope that I have a doctor like her someday. She is so kind and warm to her patients and the families. Bill is the sweetest husband who makes coffee and dinner for Jen.

Of course, my hope and expectation is that Jen and Bill will not go down the same road that their TLC peers Jon and Kate Plus 8 went down. Ugly. Ugly. Ugly. I have faith that Jen and Bill have their heads on straight and have a clear vision of their life together.

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Ms. Dana B. said...

I agree, I've been liking this show too! It doesn't seem like they went on TV to be famous (The Real Housewives...), or for the money (Jon & Kate), or to preach their way of life (The Duggars). They seem like they wanted to show people that you can be different but normal. I thought I had it bad with clothes, until I saw Jen at the tailors.