Sunday, November 04, 2012


I realize that my blog has become a bit of feast or famine for my few readers that I have left.  I either feel like I have something to share or I do not have something to share.  But what I do know for sure is that I like to blog.  I always have.  So, let's try it again.

Blogging for me is a lot like weight loss.  I know I can do it.  I know how to do it.  I see other people do it and it looks relatively easy, but I just get so darn tired or cranky and don't WANT to do it.  I know it is good for me and I will enjoy the outcome, but sometimes I am just too tired or bored.

As of tonight, these are the things that I am into...
EMBROIDERY - I just can't help myself with this craft.  You don't have to have any talent and you can hardly mess it up.  It's just dishtowels and it gives me a sense of satisfaction that I have not gotten for a long time with a craft.  I am not finished with this owl, but I have done a squirrel, but he's in the wash.

I am searching for a Dala Horse pattern right now.  I would also like to find some Arrested Development embroidery or Mad Men embroidery.  I am pretty sure it has to be out there.  Wouldn't you like to dry your dishes with Don Draper?

SOUPS - Without knowing it, I have collected several delicious soup recipes and I am kind of obsessed with adding to the recipe box of soups.  My lastest favorite comes from Jamie, chicken gnocchi soup!  So good and hearty.  

Someone said to me recently that I was "old-timey".  I was not sure what to make of this comment since I consider myself to be savvy with my smart phone and computer and such.  After some consideration, I agree.  I am old timey.  I think my current interests proves it.


Courtney said...

I think you definitely have an old-timey sensibility but with a modern spin as well. You make it easy to appreciate roots but to also be open to expanding out from those roots. You've actually made me stop and consider doing embroidery...that is nothing short of an old timey miracle.

Christine Gardner Terpening said...

Who does read blogs? I'm still trying to figure that out! I'm pretty sure my Mom reads mine and a few faithful friends. I enjoyed what you wrote.