Sunday, November 18, 2007

Angry Nut

I was reminded again why I have pledged to stay out of the stores this holiday season.

I stopped at The Head Nut, this great little store near my home where you can get spices, nuts, baking items, and fresh roasted coffee. I always get my pecans, almonds, and walnuts there because they are so fresh and really cheap. I brought my friend there to show her this gem of the neighborhood. However, when the woman behind the counter started yelling at a man who made a snide comment, it all turned ugly.

She wanted us to make an organized line and the man said something like, "Well, there isn't a sign." She got super salty. She said, "I do not need your aggravation." It only continued when her co-worker came into the room and chewed them out for not having customers go out the right door. Just lots of yelling as we wait patiently for nuts.

I felt like I was in Seinfeld and wanting soup. I worried that I would get the angry nut lady and she might yell at me for not knowing exactly what I want. Thankfully, I didn't get her.

The thing with customer service at little shops like that is that people will still come because it is special. There isn't another store where you can get the diversity of treats and goods that The Head Nut offers. However, I get why she was so salty. People can be jerks. She probably takes a lot of grief from people because they come into her store and want what they want at the expense of her sanity.

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Mrs. T said...

We used to have a Lebanese restaurant like that. Great, great food, but the customer service was a little dicey. It was owned and run by a man and his wife and she could be kind of scary. Sometimes she would steer you to order something entirely different than what you asked for originally. She would shake her head no and say "Here's what you want!" Luckily it was always good. You are dead on about smaller shops. That would never fly at say, Applebee's.