Sunday, November 11, 2007

Time Wasted Well

Wikipedia is my new favorite way to waste my semi-precious time. I love the thread of learning that occurs. For example, I decided to look up Tom Selleck because I had read something about his conservative politics, which led me to Magnum, PI, which led me to "Jump the Shark"...a reference to when The Fonz jumped a shark while on water skis in a Happy Days episode. The show was nearing the end and was doing its best to keep viewers. I learn the funniest things just by typing in one reference and seeing where it leads me.

Wikipedia makes me feel less stupid. If there is a reference or a historical event that is mentioned in the news or in a show, I just type it into Wikipedia and my mind is at ease. Sure, it is not 100% reliable, but I am not writing a term paper. I am just being curious.

I spent at least 40 minutes last night reading about The Sopranos. Wikipedia is there for when I need more of something good. I watched the bittersweet last episode of The Sopranos and was left with wanting more. Wikipedia was there for me.

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Mathman said...

I know exactly what you mean about Wikipedia. Occasionally I'll use it to look up something at work (even though we are not allowed to use it as a primary resource) and I'll spend way too much time following different links.