Sunday, March 23, 2008

Big Plans...Again

I didn't see George W. Bush as I stood outside of the White House, but you might notice that I was wearing a green puffy vest. This must have been the reason that some middle school aged kids asked me if I was from Ireland. They were chatting with me and my father at the top of the Washington Monument when they asked this. They said, "You sound like you are from Ireland."

I replied with , "No, North Dakota."

Their reply, "Huh. North Dakota."

I have one more day until I return to being a kindergarten goddess and I will fill it with taking my parents to the airport, getting a large coffee, and going into work to plan for the coming week at kindergarten.

I am making a promise here on the Midwestern Position. Starting tomorrow, I am planning on posting more because I have really dropped the bloggin' ball. I have big plans, folks. Big plans.

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Courtney said...

Oh the anticipation!!!!