Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Things I Won't Eat

  • Octopus - It's the suckers. Those things that are round and can only be described as suckers. I imagine it to be chewy. I don't do chewy. I am going to lump squid into this category too.
  • Radishes - I always feel like I am going to break my teeth on these red veggies. They are so pretty though.
  • Black Jelly Beans - I can't stand that taste and I hate the way they turn my mouth black.
  • JELL-O - Any flavor, no thank you. I used to like it with some Cool Whip, but not anymore. I think it is texture thing. I fed it to too many people when I worked at the hospital in high school.
  • Scrapple - Never heard of it, my midwestern friends. Be thankful.
  • Peeps - There are two kinds of people in the world. Those who eat Peeps. Those who do not.

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