Saturday, November 22, 2008

Christmas Post #1

I am one of those people who start the holiday season a little early. The tree is up. The Christmas dishes are being used. The gifts are almost all purchased. I think it is because I am highly nostalgic and enjoy all sorts of yearly rituals, but Christmas never bores me even though I do the same things year after year.

Holiday Movies
Every rule has an exception. My rule is that I do not rewatch movies...except holiday movies. I love them. Last night, I watched Love Actually and I can say with certainty that I love that scene with Hugh Grant dancing to "Jump" just as much as I did the first time. I love that movie along with most other holiday movies. It is a genre that can be terrible. But it can also be great. Elf. A Christmas Story. Charlie Brown. It's a Wonderful Life. I even like mediocre holiday movies like Christmas with the Kranks. However, I draw the line at Tim Allen Christmas movies.

Holiday Cups and Dishes
My mother-in-law gave us two cups and saucers a few years ago. They have little snowmen on them. We only use them at Christmas time, but I love them. It seems that warm and toasty drinks just taste better in these cups. I think it might have to do with the fact that we are usually cozied up with blankets and each other, but I still look forward to pulling them out each year. The same rule applies to a set of dishes I received many years ago from my friend Sara. It's weird. We usually use those dishes first even though our everyday dishes are available. I think it is Christmas spirit.

Christmas Music
This year, I am enjoying the new Rosie Thomas Christmas album. Itunes has some amazing music that is holiday, but not cheesy. Is that possible, you ask? I think so, but it is all a matter of taste because I witnessed a lady crooning along to Neil Diamond at the Target listening stand the other day and we might just have different views on what is cheesy Christmas music.

Today, I am off to finish my Christmas shopping!

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