Monday, November 03, 2008

Vote Barack Obama for Change in our Country

Tonight, I am asking the big questions.

1. How many minutes/hours/days will it take for "Joe the Plumber" to realize that he has been a stooge for the McCain campaign?
2. Will I be able to go to work on Wednesday if Barack Obama doesn't win the election?
3. Why do I avoid conversations with people that I know support John McCain/Sarah Palin? I know that I won't change their mind. More than anything, I am scared that I will judge them. I am just being honest.
4. Should I vote before work or after?
5. What have I been putting off until after the election?
6. Who can I still convince to vote for Barack Obama? Who is the undecided voter? Do I need to e-canvas you? Do I need to call you? I'll do it if there is a chance that you will vote for Barack Obama.
7. Does anyone else remember what the election was like before there was a Sarah Palin? I don't. It's like she was always here.
8. Will I be sad when I don't see Chuck Todd as much after the election?
9. What should I serve for my election party?


Carm said...

all good questions. I plan to vote before work. I'm suddenly a little sick to discover all these folks coming out of the woodwork for McCain... (mainly among my facebook friends, sigh)

I think I've done all I can.. now is the time to pray.

Mathman said...

As much as I am getting sick of the political ads on TV, I think I will be suffering a bit of election withdrawl after tomorrow.

As for when I am voting, I plan on doing it first thing in the morning. Fortunately, since I work from home, if there are long lines at 7:00, I have time to wait, or I can just return in the middle of the day.

Now go keep Pennsylvania blue!

Anonymous said...

I voted for Nader this morning before work. McCain or Obama just didn't feel right to me.

Anonymous said...

This is too late now, but after work was the way to go. At 3:00, there were only 4 people in line ahead of me.
Most of my extended family voted McCain, so I'm sure I'll be able to put it behind me by Thanksgiving.
--Dana B.