Sunday, November 02, 2008

Yes We Carve!

Is it just me or does everyone else feel crazy busy? It is true that most of the busy is self-made and I could cut back on what I put on my agenda. I could also prioritize better. For example, I don't have to watch three hours of political news shows a night. This would probably help ease my election anxiety. I hoping that on Tuesday, my candidate with win.

Speaking of candidate...I carved an OBAMA pumpkin and it was posted on YESWECARVE.COM.

I am hosting an election party. It is more of a gathering than a party since it is Tim, TC, and Laura. I have been thinking about the menu for some time. I wanted to make some OBAMA themed dishes, but I am coming up blank. I know he has a chili recipe out there. I thought about CHANGE Chicken. I thought about French Dip sandwiches, but calling them American Dips. That is corny but still delicious. I have an apple cobbler recipe that Michelle Obama makes that I could try. We'll see. We might just order pizza and keep the focus on the numbers. No matter what, vote on Tuesday (even if it is for the other candidate).


Carm said...

How about a lot of blue foods? Oh wait... are there any? Blue corn chips and salsa perhaps? Blueberry smoothies? :) I wish I was there so I could join your party. It sounds like a good time.

Laura said...

Is that the pumpkin that you carved in NYC or here at home? I'm excited for the election party. I might bring some chocolate chip cookies if I have time to make them tomorrow night.

Mrs. T said...

I carved an Obama pumpkin, too, with H-O-P-E on the other side.