Saturday, December 20, 2008

Holiday Recap

The last two weeks have been busy with a capital B. Like all other teachers, the last two weeks of school before winter break are filled with special days at school and events planned with staff.

Last weekend, we hosted our first holiday party with people from my work. Tim and I spent the week before the party cleaning and cooking. I tried a lot of new recipes and some tried and true. Of course, I baked a number of holiday cookies too. Although I invited mostly people from work, I invited my cousin and his wife and my friends from Brooklyn too. It was great that they made the trip. I was a little worried that my house would not be able to hold everyone, but I was pleased with how everything went.

I put the drinks in the three-season porch and that helped with the flow of people. I served soda, waters, beer, and wine. We have a lot of drinks left over. Oh, well, we will just have to have another gathering.

We have a holiday party tonight too! All of the sudden, we have a social life. More than anything that I am looking forward to this season is traveling home to North Dakota to see my family. I am ready for the traditions of the past, the comfort that only your family can bring, and sharing the fun of Christmas with my parents, my brother and his wife, and my extended family in the frozen tundra of home.


Carm said...

It's snowing steadily here... I think North Dakota is getting ready for your visit! Travel safely. :)

Anonymous said...

-20 this morning. So a frozen tundra it is! Looking forward to having you home! See you soon-

The cookie plate looks wonderful. I am going to make some of those peanut butter blossom cookies tomorrow.

Talk soon!