Sunday, December 07, 2008

Midwestern Recipe: Easy Turtle Pretzels

Holiday baking season is here again! I will be posting each of the recipes that I try for the first time and the tried and true recipes from my family. Today, I baked two cookies recipes and two candy recipes.

First, I made Easy Turtle Pretzels. It was so easy and they are good. I think they would make a great homemade gift for someone if they were put in a cute jar or bag.

Preheat your oven to 300.

Unwrap 50 individual rolo candies (a 12 ounce bag).

Spread out about 50 tiny twists rold gold pretzels on parchment paper lines cookie sheet. I can only fit 25 on my pan.

Place a rolo on each pretzel. I put them on upside down. It doesn't matter.

Put tray in oven for 4-6 minutes (enough to get the rolo soft and squishable).

Take tray out of oven and smoosh pecan halves on top of each rolo, pressing down to fill in the holes of the pretzel.

Let cool. Can refrigerate to cool. Sit out a little bit before eating, cause the caramel inside the rolo will get tough from being in the fridge.


I know there are people who do not enjoy the holidays for lots of different reasons, but I love them. I cannot imagine a season without baking, music, and family. I love the idea of preparing for Christmas.


ellie said...

Mmm, those sound yummy & easy! I'll have to give them a try.

Carm said...

Okay, I made these and the only you thing you neglected to mention was how to STOP eating them. They are delish! Mmmmmm.... thanks!

Anonymous said...

I made them! I put them in the CHristmas gifts for the ESP staff.

HOwever, Park River grocery didn't have a bag of rolos, so I had to buy the little candy bar size packs! HA!