Monday, December 29, 2008

Midwest Christmas: By the Numbers

7 - Days spent in the midwest to celebrate Christmas with our family.

163 - My highest wii bowling score this holiday season.

27 - Number of first and second cousins seen over my week in the midwest.

3 - Number of days that my shoulder ached after rolling cookies.

-22 - Degrees. Yes, that's right. That is negative 22 degrees. The temperature on my first morning in North Dakota.

5 - The number of years taken off of my life after the taxi cab ride home from the airport tonight. Scary. Fast. Worth it. Way better than parking at the airport.

8 - The number of Obama holiday cookies made. I come from an Obama-lovin' family and they just seemed right sitting on the holiday cookie tray.

6 - The number of days left until I return to kindergarten. It's going very fast.

2 - The number of people at our New Year's Eve party. Just the two of us. Just the way we like it.


shelly said...

just thought you would want to know that my highest wiibowling score is 218. happy new year!!

Carm said...

I love the Obama cookies! They are wonderful. I'm sure they were delicious too!

I am not sure what I'm doing for New Year's yet, but there's been mention of karaoke. I just thought you'd want to know! :)