Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Things I Am Thinking About on Thursday Morning

I think it is interesting (weird) that the number one purchase on the folk section of itunes is "Fast Car" by Tracy Chapman. That song came out in 1988. Twenty years ago.

Why did I spend 20 minutes (I wish I was exaggerating) in the Dunkin' Donuts drive thru last night? It was one of those drive thru lines that once you are in it, you cannot get out unless you move through the line. Well, I think only one man was working in the shop and he was the new guy because it took five minutes for him to make coffee for people. Their coffee is not the 'fancy' coffee that takes steamed milk and espresso. The easy stuff, yet it took twenty minutes. Normally, I wouldn't care, but I was late for class after that. See...I hate to even complain about this because that guy has a frustrating job as it is and here I am complaining.

Gas is now $1.89 here in my neighborhood. That is nice. I don't fret when I pull up to the station when I see a number under two dollars. However, I worry about the rest of the economy. Groceries seemed a lot more expensive when I went for our weekly trip. Maybe it is the after holiday increase so they can make money back on all of the sales prior to Thanksgiving. I think I notice the price changes more because I buy so many of the same foods from week to week.

I have decided to not take a grad class next semester. I did not enjoy my class this fall and felt that I got very little out of it. I am starting to think that grad school is for your twenties or at least, my twenties. Now, I just want to work and go home. I want to spend my free time doing what I enjoy. I want to read the books that I want to read. I have one more class left.

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Carm said...

Bummer about the annoying line and the not enjoying the night class. I can certainly understand, though. It seems like there is so little time left over after work, that it's hard to do stuff you don't enjoy.