Saturday, February 28, 2009

My Nook

This is my new home office nook. It has been the mud room off of our kitchen that has done little more than store our bag of potatoes and step stool.

It is a small space, but when you think about, I think everyone should have their very own small space. Maybe it is because I grew up with my own room and could shut the door and just do whatever I wanted to do in that room, but I have always craved individual isolation in small doses. I like having a space to put things that are mine and mine alone.

I have my cookbooks, picture frames, and tech tools on the shelves. I have artifacts from my life mingling with the picture frames. Iris the ipod and Charlotte the Shuffle have their very own spot on the shelf too! When you walk into my nook, you will know that Sara lives here and checks her recipes, blogs, and more in this space. I feel blessed today.

1 comment:

Courtney said...

Your nook looks great, Sara! And you are right, from the way it looks, anyone who walks into it will know Sara lives there. How great!