Friday, February 22, 2008

Midwestern Endorsement: Jelly Belly Sours

Tim and I went to the local CVS to pick up sidewalk ice because we both have a snow day! It is not the kind of snow day that would make us stay home. It wouldn't even be close to a snow day in either Iowa or North Dakota, but you don't see me complaining.

I am getting distracted...

Ever since my holiday trip to California, I have been mildly obsessed with the Jelly Belly Sours. Tim's mom took us to the Jelly Belly factory store where you can dish out your favorite flavors. Without knowing, I had discovered my new favorite candy. I love every flavor of the Jelly Belly Sours except watermelon. I detest anything flavored peach or watermelon, especially candy. My favorite is the strawberry and raspberry. Every once in a while you will get one that is especially tart and it is my version of Heaven.

Sick, right? How can the pain associated with a yummy kind of sour be so fantastic? I don't know, but the Jelly Belly gods do.

Not every store carries the Jelly Belly Sours so when I stumble upon a package, I must buy it. Well, I don't actually stumble upon them. I hunt the candy aisle at every store with a possibility of having such a treasure.

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Momma2B said...

you have NO IDEA how much jelly belly beans--ESPECIALLY the sours! They are my all time favorite. Everyone else can have their chocolate, etc, but the jelly belly sours? Mine. ;-)

in addition--no candy should ever taste like bananas. fake banana flavor is the WORST.