Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Tales From My Desk

Being a little embarrassed by my last post about the cuteness of Tom Brady, I hope to redeem myself with this post. Not high hopes. My big mission style desk is more than just a place to put my computer. I do everything there. I am one of those terrible people who eat at the computer. Gross, right. I listen to music at the desk. I scrapbook at the desk. I talk on the phone. So, inspired sitting at my desk, I write the happenings of my desk.

Many of you know that I sacrificed many of my Saturday nights between 1994-1997 to the frozen yogurt gods at my job at TCBY. During that time, I got what is called (by me, not actual doctors) Scooper's Wrist. Swollen from July nights of scooping that gross Cotton Candy ice cream. Well, on Friday night, after hours of scrapbooking, I got what I call (by me, not actual doctors) Scrapper's Shoulder. This occurs when you are going crazy fast cutting and cropping photos and papers. Imagine, in cartoonish style, me at my desk with paper flying all around me as I am in the scrappin' zone! Kind of like Pigpen from Peanuts but instead of dirt, it is paper. It was only after coming down from this scrapbooking high that my shoulder started to ache. It moved up into my neck for about four days! The only thing I can attribute the pain to is scrapbooking. It is a pain that I must endure because you know how I love to scrapbook, readers.

itunes and Mixed Tapes
Every Tuesday, itunes puts up free downloads. Today's download is a goodie. Check out Yael Naim's "Far Far" and We the King's "Check Yes Juliet". The guilty pleasure that I purchased with an ounce of shame was "Girlfriend" by Avril Lavigne. She just doesn't appeal to me except for this totally ridiculous song.

Favorite lyric...
" You’re so delicious."
Worst lyric...
"She’s like so whatever."

I am working on a Valentine's Day mix. I do not like Valentine's Day for grown-ups. Like we need another excuse to buy, buy, buy. However, I love Valentine's Day for kindergartners. We are using a lot of glitter glue right now at school. So, it is a pretty big step for me to make a mix for Valentine's Day and give it to all of my friends and family. I haven't decided on the theme, but these are a few that I am considering...

- Songs I Love and You Should Love
- Songs That Are Love Songs and We Didn't Know It
- Songs With the Word "Love" in It
- Songs That I Love Right Now At This Moment
- Songs That Old Boyfriends (1989-1995) Used to In Very Cheesy Moments...probably why I broke up with them...Two Words, One Number - Boys II Men

Who wants part of this Midwestern Mixed Tape action?


Anonymous said...

Sign me up!

And I am still waiting for the last Midwestern Mix... just in case there was a "Double-Disc" in store for me! :)


Ellie said...

Count me in! I always love your music selections.

Carm said...

I have been working on a mix worthy of the goddess of midwestern compilations. I'll be posting something soon in case you'd like a bit of Superpowers musical action. I love your music posts and your choices in tunes are always fun.

And I too, own "Girlfriend" by Avril Lavigne... I have to admit that my favorite line is "And hell yeah, I'm the mother f$*@ing princess." Nice, eh?