Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Weekend

I went to my first Villanova basketball game last night with Tim. Villanova beat Seton Hall by two points in the last seconds of the game. It was a great date night out with Tim. Along with having a good time, I was able to add one more thing onto the list of things I just don't get.

  1. Why do people scream at the players and coaches when they are in the nose bleed section? They can't hear you. All you do is scare the little kids around you.
  2. Why do gas stations right across the street have a significant difference in prices? One was $3.15 and the other was $2.97.
Along with the Villanova game, I have been entertained by In Treatment on HBO. Each episode is a patient meeting with her therapist. Same therapist and different patient each night. Although the show is a lot of talking, it is interesting. You can watch the episodes online, free.


Courtney said...

I had only been to maybe one college b-ball game previously, but I've been to quite a few Seton Hall games this season. I think the games are fun but even more enjoy people watching. There is this guy who sits in front of us who seriously conducts almost a full conversation with the players and coaches, only at maximum yelling volume. It amazes me. We're not in nosebleed, but I still have to laugh to think that he believes he's communicating for real. Dude, it requires a listener and reaction, and you've got neither. Unless you count numerous shaking heads around you.

Anonymous said...

Dudley, glad to see SHU mentioned on your blog, but did it have to be about Wildcats beating we poor pitiful Pirates?!?! haha.

I too wonder about those screaming at the coaches.
Even if they hear, they get paid too much money to listen!

Miss you! Come back soon!

Cathy D.

Kirk said...

Sara, Sara, Sara. I can only hope that you will some day understand why we yell at games. Hint: It's not to acutally coach the players/coaches with our knowledge of sport.