Friday, July 11, 2008

Doing the Small Things

Summer is about half over for me. I feel like I have accomplished a lot, but why accomplish anything at all. Why do I have this sense to check things off of a list or spend time well. I guess that I am a doer.

I don't even know if doer is a word, but it describes me. For example, today, I will make some hummus. This hummus will be a great snack for the music festival that I am going to tomorrow. I will go to Target and get some of those low beach chairs too.

This is exactly why I am a doer. It makes things nice and organized to avoid chaos. It's not that I hate chaos. I just like to control what I can control. Oh. Now I am a doer and a controller. This is no surprise.

I never try to accomplish something that I won't enjoy. I try to spend my time well doing the things that bring joy to my life. Baking. Gardening. Music. Grocery Shopping. These are the simple pleasures in my life.

Sometimes, I will think about my late grandmother and think about the life that she led. She lived in the country and found joy in the simple things like birds, her family, her garden, and the nature that surrounded her. She also knew the importance of sitting down and just having long moments of peace. She found happiness in the simple pleasures in life.

Maybe being a doer is not such a bad thing. Maybe it is a good thing when you are doing the things you love. I tell Tim all of the time that we live a charmed life. We have these relaxing summers where we work about one third of the time. There is never a rush to our life. We get up and start the day in a leisurely fashion. We spend our days doing exactly what we want to be doing in the summer.

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