Sunday, July 06, 2008

Fourth and More

Having the Fourth of July on a Friday is not very special since I have Fridays off during the summer. However, it is very special for Tim to take an entire weekday off to spend it together. For most holidays, we are traveling or hosting, so it was a nice change to have it be just the two of us.

Our plans were beautiful. We were going to go and spend the day at the Tyler Arboretum. Unfortunately, it started to rain as we drove to the arboretum. So, we quickly found the local movie house and saw the 10AM showing of Hancock. It is not as beautiful and nature-loving, but it was relaxing.

I am not sure if all of the stars were aligned or something was in the water, but we both got the organizing and cleaning urge after the movie. Tim worked in the basement while I worked in the rest of the house. It was perfect actually because we were not on any kind of time table or schedule. We took breaks when we wanted to and the house looks great. If were not for the rainy weather, we might have spent this energy outside, but the house is in order.

Oh, and I also tried to make some caramel rolls, but my dough did not rise. I am very unsuccessful with yeast. I think the water was too warm. It is new yeast. UGH. I will try again soon, but will need some baking successes in between so I do not get bakers low-self-esteem.

I realize as I reread this post, I seem like an old-fashioned girl. Cleaning. Baking. I like that. I am going to think more about that and maybe write more about the virtues of being an old-fashioned girl.


ellie said...

You are an old fashioned girl with a modern twist. I think that is what I like about you.

Anonymous said...

You could never have low-bakers self-esteem. You are the best baker I know. Someday, you can open a bake shop. And I will have a treat there every day... see, I am making plans that someday we will live in the same town again.


Courtney said...

I agree that you are old-fashioned with a new twist. So great at running your home, being a kindergarten teacher and one kick ass friend. Bake something for this weekend, please.