Sunday, July 13, 2008

Xponential Music Festival

Saturday was spent at the Xponential Music Festival in on the Camden Waterfront across the river from Philadelphia. It was hosted by my favorite radio station WXPN and had acts that are right up my folky alley.

Whenever I travel somewhere new, and this is especially true when I am traveling near downtown Philly, I have a detailed sheet of directions with even the smallest particular listed. These plans rarely steer me wrong.

I had packed a cooler with yummy fruits and snacks. Lots of beverages were cooled within the cooler to help us stay hydrated during this typical Philadelphia summer day...humid. So, we arrived without any problems, but as I pull into the parking lot and start to hand the parking attendant the money, I realize that I have forgotten the tickets to the concert! How could I have done that?

Basically, it was one of those moments when you are too planned and too organized so that you forget the most important thing that you need. So, we drove all of the way back to my house to get the tickets. It added another hour onto our drive and it annoyed me to know end.

Tickets in hand, we arrived back in Camden to enjoy an afternoon of music. The funny thing about music festivals is how many people break out their tie-dye just for these occasions. I don't think these people sport tie-dye on normal days, but there is something about jam bands and grassy knolls that call to pseudo-hippies.

I enjoyed Amos Lee and Teddy Thompson the most. The other bands included Railroad Earth and Nicole Atkins. There was more music today, but after a day in the sun, I realized that I am a one-day kind of music festival person.

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