Monday, July 21, 2008

On the Road Again

I am no longer in Philly. We have hit the wide open spaces that the United States Interstate system has to offer. Being educators, we have the perk of having our summers off. This allows us to travel for a month and see all of the friends and family along the way.

We took a new route through West Virginia and Kentucky. Although our lil' four cylinder Honda Accord may not agree, the hills of West Virginia are one of America's secret treasures. Beautiful. I kept pointing out the window to valleys and mountain tops and saying, "Look at that!" I am sure at some point, Tim didn't need my instruction to look. He was equally impressed with this untouched nature.

We have spent that last three days with Tim's brother, his wife, and our sweet little niece, Leah. She is 10 months old and keeps us entertained for hours. I am taking the opportunity to use my video capabilities on my camera. Tonight, we'll take in a St. Louis Cardinals baseball game. It'll be hot, but I know Tim will love every minute of it. Go Cards!

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Jersey Girls said...

Have a great trip, Sara and Tim.

Cathy D, one of the Jersey Girls