Monday, July 14, 2008

Tastes Change, I Guess

Maybe I have already asked this...

Is it possible to love something that you once detested? This whole new way of thinking has taken me over. The other day, I grilled some portobella mushrooms with a balsamic and garlic sauce. I cook with mushrooms because I know other people like them even if I have never been a fan. Tim convinced me to try a piece because he thought they turned out very well. Sure enough, I liked it.

How could this be? I had spent 30 years thinking that I didn't like mushrooms. Maybe it was the canned version that I had a distaste for, but now, I like mushrooms.

Another example would be the band Journey. For years, I just couldn't stand listening to them. I think part of it was a childhood where the radio station played way too many monster ballads and hair bands. True, Journey is not a hair band but they definitely sang some fist pumping music. I just wanted to take a scissor to the whole bunch. However, now I am kind of smitten with Journey. It could be that I can sing to their songs in the privacy of my car and at my convenience rather than have them forced down my throat or it could be that my tastes are changing. The question is...are they changing for the better or worse.


Carm said...

I believe tastes change. Some things are trends, some tastes are acquired. Some are favorite for a time. Mushrooms I've always adored. Asparagus, not so much. Now I love it. Go figure. Five artists I didn't appreciate in my youth: Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Dwight Yoakam, Neil Diamond and The Rolling Stones.

pat said...

PLUS, steve perry is straight butter. seriously.