Thursday, February 09, 2006

Conversation of the Week

Handsome Man: Can you help me find a few books? (Hands list of 13 books to Clever Borders Girl)

Clever Borders Girl:Sure. Right this way.

Clever Borders Girl hands the business, leadership, and inspirational self-help books from Handsome Man's list. While in the Business section, the conversation continues...

Handsome Man: (Hands Jack Welch's book Winning to Clever Borders Girl.) You should read this.

Clever Borders Girl: Well, I actually read more fiction and literature.

Handsome, yet Jerk of a Man: Well, if you read this, you wouldn't be working here.


1 comment:

Mathman said...

That was so rude. Of course, I find it a bit ironic that he asked for help finding a self-help book.