Saturday, February 11, 2006

I Don't Like the Olympics

Admission...I don't like the Olympics.
I know this is shocking. It might be right up there with saying "I don't like bacon" or "I hate puppies", but it is true. Most people respond to this with a big, confused "What? Who doesn't like the Olympics?" It is more of a rhetorical question since they know darn well that I don't like the Olympics.

For sports enthusiasts, I can see the appeal. But what about people who lack the competitive spirit or patriotism that seems to be part of our core existence here in the USA? Well, the media has already thought of us...they try to get us with the human stories. The stories that try to tug at your heart strings. The stories of triumph over adversity. Ugh...that is my least favorite cliche that you can bet your last dollar the lovely Katie Couric will try to hypnotize us with over the next 14 days.

The only loophole in this whole anti-Olympic story is that as a little girl, winter Olympics fell under the same category as the Miss America or Carol Burnet show. Like these examples, I was likely to watch anything that might have a costume or evening gown with sequins or fringe. The ice skating or ice dancing fed my love of the sparkly. But even in time, beauty pageants and ice skating has lost its flare with me.

What it comes down to is this...I don't care. I don't care who wins. I don't care about the human stories. I don't care about the fireworks. I don't care about the ceremonies. For some, the Olympics are like crack. They can't get enough. They search out a fellow Olympic lover only to relive the glory of last nights speed skating victory or the defeat by the underdog team. Like the channels...and there are many of them this year...I simply avoid these Olympic lovers. I think people should be identified as OL...Olympic Lovers or AO...Anti-Olympics. That way, I wouldn't be shamed everytime I have to tell someone that I am not into the Olympics.


Anonymous said...

Hey Sara,
I feel the need to defend me and Liza here--since we are the biggest olympics freaks ever! What I love most about them (and I'll admit I'm a sports nut) is the idea of competing just to compete. Most of the olympians never reach fame or fortune--they compete because they love it. Now some do go on to mild success but not on the scale of professional athletes. For me, that's what makes them special. But I will say I HATE the idea of "professional" athletes competing.

And it's official--I'm bringing in my copy of "Miracle" for you to borrow!

MandyGirl said...

I dislike the Olympics too. We can hang together. ;)

shelly said...

i love it! i hate the olympics, i wouldn't touch bacon if i were paid and my affection for puppies is quite breed specific. kindred spirits.