Monday, February 27, 2006

Tim's Soulmate

I think I have met Tim's soulmate. Her name is Jen and I work with her at Borders. It seems that everytime I mention something, she'll say, "OOO...I love that" or "That is one of my favorites". All of this love is usually being shown to things that Tim also really, really enjoys like Xbox, toilet comedies, Tom Petty...the list could go on and on. Jen loves Star Wars and Lord of the Rings like only Tim's soulmate could.

It has become quite a joke between us because at least once a week Jen and I will be discussing something and it is apparent that Tim and Jen were meant for each other. Where does this leave me? Well, a little over five years ago, Tim and I did make that lifelong vow of marriage to each other so I feel good with that legal and binding agreement. If anything, I think Jen and Tim should become friends and hang out. They can do things that I have done over the past ten years that I really don't dig too much...watching Lord of the Rings more than once, playing video games, eating stuffed mushrooms...that sort of thing. I have always said that I thought Tim should get a friend of the female sex, but he doesn't seem to interested.


Anonymous said...

ummm....I thought I was Tim's soulmate. I love LOTR like nobody's business. I'm sure I could get into Xbox and come to terms with Tom Petty. Watch out'll be Brooklyn vs. Philly


Anonymous said...

It's true--Tim and I have A LOT in common. However, Tim is more than lucky to have you in his life. While you may not know what makes someone a Hobbit, the best way to kill covenant forces, or what a storm trooper is, you are certainly amazing in your own way.

And remind Tim that my offer to come over and school him in xbox is still good!

Reddog said...

It's very ironic you say that Tim has a soulmate, because Scott just met his a few months ago. I like to refer to her as his female clone. They seem to have all the same hobbies and interests.
That's probably why you and Jen get along so well. It's just like hanging out with Tim, but with less chest hair.

pat said...

haven't you seen "when harry met sally?" there is wise advise in that movie. :)