Wednesday, March 01, 2006

All Aboard

Although I love coffee and almost everything coffee related, I have not jumped on the fast moving CHAI TRAIN. Everyone loves CHAI. CHAI this. CHAI that. I just don't dig it. Maybe CHAI is for the coffee faint of heart...people who can't handle the hard stuff. The wine cooler of the coffee world.

Now, don't confuse the CHAI TRAIN with the beloved BIG TRAIN that I only get to enjoy when I am in Grand Forks. It is something that my mom and I love to do. We drive over to the coffee hut in the strip mall parking lot, give our requests, and drive away with our frozen coffee goodness.

Maybe CHAI would be okay if I could try it when I didn't have so many other delicious options. Why would I order a CHAI when I could order a mocha, a latte, or a cafe au lait? Maybe if someone bought it for me? Anyone? Anyone? However, I encourage the CHAI because it is the beverage that most people drink if they are non-coffee people and they will go to the coffee shop with me and no longer spout, "I don't like coffee. I'm not getting anything." Just get the CHAI.

For now, I will let everyone drink the CHAI like it is going out of style and I'll drink the lonely coffee.


shelly said...

when i was 6 i got very sick at christmas time and the smell of the gingerbread spicy thing that hung from my mini-tree made me throw up. chai and potpourri are on the no-go list for me. sometimes when i have to make chai at the coffee shop i feel a strong desire to say to my customer, "your favorite drink makes me wanna barf."

Anonymous said...

You're right about this one Sara. I LOVE Chai but I HATE coffee. I agree that most Chai drinkers are not coffee drinkers. So what's Tim's stance on this? (LOL)

Reddog said...

The reason I got into drinking Chai was because some of my friends always wanted to "go out for coffee" and I don't drink coffee. I never wanted to miss out on the fun so it was either hot chocolate or chai tea. So I went with the chai because it seems more exciting to order.

Courtney said...

Sweet mention of Big Train...I love their mixes. They actually make chai that's not too bad, but I am more a coffee type and prefer the pounds of sugar in the other Big Train drinks. And if I do a chai, I do a chai latte...for the creaminess of course.

Anonymous said...

Fads. All these drinks are fads except for the one great drink that stands the test of time -- hot chocolate. Let's all go to the grove grill and order a cup on hot chocolate.