Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Some relationships start with a drop and you know it will never end. As affairs go, my passion for coffee seems to have a very on and off again status. We spend time together in a very intense fashion…trying all sorts of new adventures. Latte. Cappuccinoo. Mochas. Black. Then, we decide to see other people…a cold fountain pop or a refreshing Mojito. Then, I always come back to a favorite coffee house or a simple Dunkin Doughnuts Hazelnut.

A friend of mine decided at age 35 that he would ‘give coffee a try’. Usually, people get hooked on coffee in their college years for the caffeine or the social aspect that coffee offers during those years when we all had time to have coffee for hours and hours. So, not being versed in the variety of coffees and ways to ingest nectar of the addicted, he went to a Starbucks and tried an Espresso.


That is like the crack of coffee. He should have started out with a mild Latte or Cappucino whereas that would be like the weed of the coffee world. Of course, he was turned off of coffee for probably another fifteen years. I wish I was there to help him choose a delicious treat with some whip cream or vanilla flavoring. Coffee can be good or it can be bad. But usually, it is good. I think a budding coffee drinker needs to be mentored into the brew club with the ease and gentleness that only an addict can offer.

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