Friday, March 17, 2006

Knock It Off, Hollywood

Is NOTHING sacred?

I am sure that I have fumed about this Hollywood nonsense before, but why can't they leave well enough alone? Have they not learned lessons from Bewitched, Dukes of Hazard, and Beverly Hillbillies? I cannot believe that they are considering making DALLAS into a full feature movie. The names they are tossing around make it even worse because that J. Lo is ranked number two as my least favorite celebrity type and they think she can do justice to Sue Ellen. To think of it???

My fond memories of DALLAS range from sitting in our living room with my parents only understanding a quarter of what was actually happening on the television set. I didn't understand that Sue Ellen was a drunk and I didn't understand that JR was actually a total ass, but instead, I thought he was fantastic. He had that fun accent and wore those huge hats. Sue Ellen was beautiful and she had a lot of big hair. I liked that.

And even at the young age that I started viewing DALLAS I knew that Bobby was the handsome one. He had that big hair too that I enjoyed so much.

DALLAS had a bit of a renaissance for me during my junior year of college. TNT started airing the reruns every night and in order. I started watching this show again and would become very upset if I missed it. Tim and I would watch this show with his roommate, Josh. After the show, Tim would leave Josh and me to discuss the finer points of the evening's episode. We loved it like it was the first time. We could finally understand all the innuendo and smut that DALLAS had to offer, not just big haired Texans.

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shelly said...

JR was an ass? i had no idea. i thought he was like a hero. but i wouldn't really know, i guess, my mom was a knot's landing kind of person.