Wednesday, March 22, 2006


I had a delicious lunch today. I had left over taco salad. I was enjoying my lunch when I looked at my plate and realized something quite odd when one is enjoying a taco salad. There was not a piece of lettuce or greenery on my plate. Can this really be a salad if it lacks one of the main ingredients that make a salad a salad?

I think this depends on who you ask . If you asked my grandma, she'd say that a salad could be as simple as some green jello with carrots or if you ask one of my former co-workers in Iowa, they'd tell you a delicious salad can be as simple as some Kool-Whip, marshmallows, some fruit cocktail, and some crushed cookies on top. It's called Cookie Salad. Of course. I thought this was great growing up because we could have dessert as a salad. My aunt Sandy would make a jello salad with mandarin oranges or bananas. I loved it.

Growing up, taco salad was one of my favorite things that my mom would make. It would start with some crushed Dorito chips rather than lettuce. Top the Doritos with seasoned ground beef mixed with some kidney beans. Add shredded cheese and just for color, add some iceberg lettuce.

Not until my high school years did I even know that there were any other kinds of lettuce except for the iceberg variety. Now, I can enjoy spinach salad, Caesar salad, romaine, dandelion, and most other varieties. However, I still love a non-salad salad.

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Mathman said...

I've been taking salads to work lately for lunch. I grilled some chicken breasts last weekend for dinner and the package had three of them in it. As there are only two of us in our home, I decided to cut up the third and use it with salads. Yum. I have also been trying other varieties of lettuce besides iceberg. I think other types have more nutrients in them.