Thursday, March 16, 2006

We All Have Our Favorites

Why do we have favorites? After spending money on matching dishes, we always find a mug that doesn't match, doesn't fit. Usually, this mug has some touristy flavor to it or says something about you. In my case, I have a tie for favorite mug. The runner up is a rainbow painted mug that was given to me by a favorite chum, Jodi. I like this mug for sentimental reasons, but I also love it because it holds a lot of whatever I happen to be drinking. It is the quantity, not the quality. The quality is terrific, but it just holds so much stuff!

My favorite mug was given to me by a student. She had been my student for two years. She knew me pretty well in my professional role. She gave this mug to me for Christmas and was so proud of herself when she gave it to me. It said, "I'm In Charge Here". She cracked up laughing when she gave it to me. She said, "Isn't that funny? It's so true." Then, she just walked away. She was right. True and funny. I would be quite sad if Tim dropped this mug on the floor and broke it. I would be sad because I would not have that mug to remind me of that young girl. If it broke, would I still be in charge? Probably.

I have always had propensity for ranking items in my life from mugs to meats. I just like to line things up that way. I like to give them the rank that they deserve in my esteem. I used to have this sorority t-shirt that was my absolute favorite to wear for pajamas. It had fish on it and it was tie-dyed. Let me just say, that tie-dyed shirts are the best sleeping shirts. They are all stretched out and soft. This shirt now has some paint on it and has acquired a few holes, but I still love it. It still remains number one in the ranking of favorite t-shirts with my 1999 Newman Center Bike Race t-shirt a close second.

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