Friday, March 24, 2006

An Update

1. I traveled to Philadelphia where I unloaded items off a truck for the Kindergarten. We didn't have to pay for any of the items on the truck, but something about it just seemed kind of Sopranos. We were in a less than desirable neighborhood with a fire burning behind the truck, and unloading this truck. I am sure it was all very legal because the school wouldn't be involved in something that wasn't, yet it was surreal.

2. I went to the student center at the college campus where the school is located to get a sandwich this week. Because I am such a klutz, I knocked over the milk for the coffee and it went everywhere. The sandwich maker came from behind the counter and comforted me by saying, "It's okay, Baby. It happens all of the time, Baby. Don't worry for a minute, Baby". I know some people don't like it when people call them Baby, but I do!

3. I sold more stuff on Ebay. I love it. However, in discussion about my new Ebay obsession, a friend at work told me that a friend of hers once sold used make-up on Ebay. Gross. And someone actually bought it!

4. Tonight, I will scrap with my friend Courtney, enjoy Margaritas, and watch Villanova play basketball. Go Nova!

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