Friday, March 10, 2006

Time for an Update

Let me give you a quick update...

I Made Coin on Ebay!
Seems that someone in California did want to buy my stuff. I made a nice profit of $15 on my first Ebay sale. I am rather proud of myself for this latest venture into entrepreneurship. It has inspired me to sell again, but bids are not coming in quickly. This is actually one of my favorite sets of stamps and I will be sad if it doesn't do well for sentimental reasons. It's listed on the sidebar.

Kindergarten Frenzy!
I attended a kindergarten conference on Monday and Tuesday. I have been visiting a number of private schools in the area for observations. I have been meeting with a number of people to discuss kindergarten. These are all important and mentally draining. It inspires me to teach. I am so excited to have these little folks in my life.

Balmy in the East!
Today, it was 70 degrees. Can you believe that? It was fantastic. I walked home from work and was reminded of the months when I first moved here and would walk to and from work. The smells were the same. The sights were the same. I saw people walking up and down Lancaster Avenue coming in and out of the pubs. I saw lots of puppies and dogs on leashes. Although the sounds, sights, and smells were the same as August, I am not the same as I was in August. I am doing so well. I wasn't so well in August. I was so Iowa sick...I can't claim it as home sick since Iowa was not home either. I had gotten used to missing home (North Dakota), but I had to get used to missing Iowa. I still miss it, but I have started to build a life here in PA. Today was one of those days that I really liked where I live.

Blog Promise
I promise to update more often. I love my blog.


Reddog said...

All of a sudden it's warm today,(ok, it was only 50 degrees in MN) and there are people outside everywhere. It's like they have been in hibernation for 6 months. I didn't realize we had so many people, and kids, in our neighborhood. But of course it is short lived because it is suppose to snow on Sunday. When will I get to wear my capris again?

Anonymous said...

You people have sent your cold weather to me.

A pox on all of your houses. It has been rainy and chilly (notice I said "chilly" and not cold, because 45 is NOT cold, even in California), and generally miserable.

This must stop...where is the constant 70 degrees and sunny weather I signed on for when I moved to Los Angeles 5 years ago?