Friday, February 17, 2006

Men Behaving Badly

Is it really necessary to buy magazines with semi-nude women to look at while you are on a plane? Is it really necessary to discuss with your friend the attributes of the women who are 'modeling' in these magazines? Is it really necessary to use the loudest voice you could possibly use to discuss such attributes?

All questions that I was pondering last night as I spent two hours on a plane with two men who enjoyed a variety of semi-nudey magazines. I would think that their better judgement would have kicked in when they realized they were sitting with a woman, but no. Usually, I have nothing against these types of magazines...I still don't. I am against men openly discussing whether these women are their types or if they like their 'parts' in public and even more so, in a setting where I am at their mercy in terms of appropriate things to listen to. I guess it comes down to consideration for others...respect for the perception that people will have on you..even though you will never see them again. Thank goodness for the ipod and the sudoku in this case.

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Ellie said...

Just to share my airplane experience...

The last time I was on a plane I was stuck next to a couple who must have been coming back from the birth of their granddaughter. The man was upset because a girl would be "harder to unload" than a boy would have been. I really had to bite my tongue not to give this man my opinion.