Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Valentine's Day Lovin'

It's true. Valentine's Day is a commercialized holiday that reminds us that we like each other.

However, the chocolate dipped and rose petal covered holiday can also be a time to profess your love for things not in human form. I love lots of things. No, I don't just like them. I love them. I am passionate about them. My exuberance for these items/ideas/things can only be compared to the more traditional appreciation, but if you know me, you would agree. I LOVE these things.

Samoa Girl Scout Cookies-Those Girl Scouts might as well be peddling crack.
My Smart Green ipod-I think I would cry if it left me.
Scrapbook Paper-It is all about the creative possibilities.
Email-How did people feel the long distance love before email?
Caramel Blanket-This velvet blanket keeps me toasty and warm all winter long.
Dunkin' Doughnuts Hazelnut Coffee-How did I get by before I found you?
My Bed-I know that I am not the only one in the middle of this life long love affair.
Being a Democrat-I love the pride I have when I think about these ideals and what it could mean for our country.
My Blog-This is truly a relationship for me. Sometimes I like it. Sometimes I don't. Sometimes I want to give it the silent treatment. Sometimes I want to spend all of my time with it.

I could go on and on. But I won't because then, I would be falling into the Hallmark trap. Before you know it, I will be writing love songs to my computer.


Courtney said...

You forgot Edy's Tag-a-Long ice cream! Otherwise, the list looks good :)

Dree said...

We are long-lost sisters. My love list includes DD Hazelnut coffee, my bed (my haven), my mp3 player, all scrapbooking/stationery supplies, my blog (and blogs in general), tagalong GS cookies, and BOOKS. Great post. Happy Valentine's Day!

pat said...

you love a lots of stuff.

girl scout cookies: great! but my ex-chica is a girly scout leader, and that's what it makes me think of. i like the granola-y ones with the chocolate lines, but i can't think of the name.

ipod: i don't have one :(

scrapbook paper: um, i'm a boy.

email: i don't reply often enough

caramel blanket: i actually have one of these. good times!!

coffee: ew. BUT, i do like iced chai.

my bed: i've had my bed so long, it's actually too soft. but i still love it.

democrat: i'm prolly more republican than democrat, but i'm really libertarian. either way, politics are stoopids.

blog: if i really loved it, i would use it more. i'm trying, i swear i am.

scrubs: i added this because i am sitting at borders right now (aren't you excited) and watching scrubs on my laptop while surfing)


Eyes said...

You ARE adorable :) Hugs to you for V-Day!

Ryan said...

I love...lamp

But seriously, the two things I miss the most about my former life in Illinois are Steak'N Shake restaurants and Dunkin Donuts. The last Steak'N Shake I know of on the drive on I-90/94 West is in Janesville, WI (exit 171c). I have to stop any time I drive through there, both coming and going, regardless of time of day, to get Chili Mac, large fries, and Cookies'N Cream Shakes Alive.

My college roommate from ND lived less then a block from DD in Chicago. What a miracle cure for hangovers (which I always seemed to have any time I visited him...Ah, the good ole' days.)

If I were to ever open a franchise restaurant, it would have to be one of these.