Sunday, November 05, 2006

Paint It Like You Own It

I have been saying for years that Tim and I are not handy people, but I think I might have been wrong. It was just that we were never put into a place to be handy. All this changed this weekend as we started our first home improvement project.

Like many couples, we have assumed certain roles in our marriage. I have always been the person to do the leg work leading up to any task or job that we do together. This was no exception. After two trips to the Home Depot and the Sherwin Williams store, I had gathered the items needed to paint our living room walls, trim, french doors, and fireplace mantle. After school on Friday, I started taping the walls. I was almost finished with Tim arrived and suggested that we get started painting the first coat even though the plan was to start on Saturday morning. I am so glad we did because it was a longer job than I even anticipated.

Decked out in my favorite long-sleeve t-shirt, one the I usually reserve for days when I am sick and need something comforting, and Tim in rolled up jeans for reasons I am still unsure of, we entered into what might be our most ambitious team effort of our marriage. Our weekends for the first six years of our marriage have been spent sleeping in, coffee on the outside, long drives, and doing really whatever we want. Those days are over now that we are homeowners, or at least, until the house is up to my aesthetic standards.

For everything that we love about the house that we just bought, there are still a few things that need immediate change. The peach trim and baby blue walls were job numero uno on that list! It just wouldn't work with our warm colored furnishings and I just could not do it. So, we/I settled on Humble Gold.

I was a bit frantic as it was applied because I didn't want a sunshine yellow, but rather, a warm mustardy gold. It wasn't until the white trim was painted that I started to realize that I had made the right choice. These photos were the product of Saturday's work. We worked all day today and are left with two walls and the banister that need a second coat of white trim and the touch up work.

I'll be sure to post the final product once we are all moved in and the tape is removed. Check out the peach trim. Sometimes all you can do is just shake your head in wonder.


MamaMarci said...

The house looks wonderful - and I can see you've got an eye for color! Congrats!

Eyes said...

Congrats on closing! Yay!!!

I bet you are so excited. Watch out though -- homeownership eats away your time like nothing else :) We slaved on our house all weekend, too.

I LOVE the white trim. It's lovely -- as is the Humble Gold. Nice choice :)

Amy said...

I can tell from the picture that you're getting a little rexi looking! You look great! Go girl!