Monday, November 20, 2006

Stupid Verizon

They may not know it, but I am in a HUGE fight with Verizon. For four days in a row, they have stood us up. They were supposed to come to the house and hook me up with some sweet internet, but they let me down. I am a little bitter that I am no longer updating the blog, checking email with gusto, and reading the news like I am capable of. Up yours, Verizon.

On the otherhand, we got so much accomplished this weekend. The dining room is painted, boxes are unpacked, and we were able to enjoy some much needed TV time. Our TV wasn't turned on until Sunday night so we bought Scrubs, Season Four and we are lovin' it!

So, with luck and little anger, I hope that Verizon will pull it together and get over to my 'hood and hook me up.

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