Tuesday, November 07, 2006


I voted in my third state today.

The very first time that I voted, I was 18 years old and couldn't wait to be part of this beautiful democratic system. My polling place just happen to be my high school so I voted and then, had a delicious breakfast bagel at the high school deli.

I have had other memorable voting experiences besides the first time. I remember the year that Bill Clinton ran against Bob Dole. I was living with my college roommate who was/is a strong Republican. She would sport Bob Dole pins and stickers like it was going out of style. I encouraged this type of enthusiasm because it is better than apathy. Maybe it was easy to take since there was no way that Bob Dole would beat Bill Clinton. The man needs Kryptonite to bring him down.

Today was special for many reasons but the most important of all is that I might be part of Rick Santorum's undoing. It could be special because of the elderly man that kept telling the polling ladies that his name was Forrest Gump and he really wouldn't come clean about his real name. Or at least when I was there.

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Eyes said...

I'm glad all that ridiculous, dishonest campaigning if over! It drives me nuts. None of it was believable. It was all slanted any which way to trick voters!!! That's not democracy in my eyes -- that dirty business. No offense :) You know how I vote :)