Sunday, December 16, 2007


I am having a dilemma of conscience.
The CVS Pharmacy has broken my number too pet peeve. My pet peeves are in this order.
  1. Tardiness...especially if you walk in and offer no apology for your rude behavior. My time is sort of precious, at least to me.
  2. Making work for me...I have a job and all of the other kind of grown up responsibilities. I do not need anyone making more work for me.
  3. Tailgating...not the fun kind with beer and snacks, but the kind that is aggressive and able to cause your insurance to go up because I am filing the claim even if you want to pay. You need to be taught a lesson and I am just the gal to do it.
Okay, I am getting distracted. The CVS has made more work for me. I had them print some photos that I had emailed to them this morning. I picked them up and went to work. I opened the envelope and my pictures were there along with two photos of a lovely family and a CD.

I know this family's photos were placed in the wrong envelope. I was bothered. I did not want to go back and give them the CD and photos. It was their mistake, right. Why should I go back and get them out of a pinch. UGH.

This is why...I would want someone to do that for me. So, I did not want to go back today, but I will go back tomorrow.

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