Friday, December 21, 2007

Red Wine Hurts

Tim confessed to me the other night that he wished that we had some wine in the house. He was in the mood for a glass of wine, but we rarely have any kind of alcohol in the house.

We don't have any kind of problem with alcohol. We just do not drink it at home or on a regular basis. We are more beer drinkers when we have friends over. This is only because I can drink beer. I have come to know that I suffer from red wine headaches when I indulge in the drink.

I see other people drinking wine and loving it. People look sophisticated and quite classy when they enjoy a glass of wine with dinner, but it is just not worth the headache followed by nausea. However, I can drink white wine. It just seems that our daily life very rarely requires such a luxury as wine. Water, milk, soda, and juice seems to work just as well.

Because of this red wine ailment, we are no longer in the running to join a wine club that a friend invited us to join. When I told her that I can't drink red wine and assured her that I like all of the foods that accompany red wine, that didn't seal the deal. They wanted wine lovers.


Carm said...

I never thought I liked wine at all.. least of all red wine and now I'm starting to really find some that I enjoy. Regarding the headaches... try drinking a lot of water before during and after the wine experience. I wonder if that might help? Or maybe try not to drink the whole bottle! :)

Dana B. said...

ouch, my whole family suffers from the same problem. It's a shame that wine clubs usually focus on the reds.