Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Nothing More Than a Whisper

I had a run back in 1994 when I lost my voice for an entire month. Imagine. A 16 year old girl who thought she had lots to say but was completely unable to do so. It was the trifecta of overuse on my vocal chords.

Lots of talking.
Lots of cheerleading.
Lots of singing.

Well, long and boring story short...my voice came back. I quit cheerleading for that and even better reasons. I started using my voice properly.

Before 1994, I would lose my voice for an entire week during all of my summers at Bible camp where you would sing, scream, yell, and whisper every waking minute. (The whisper for the times that you were supposed to be reflecting and talking with God but really whispering about that oh-so-cute boy who you wanted to hold your hand at campfire.)

Until this morning, I thought laryngitis was really just a memory from my childhood. Then, I plugged in the ipod and tried to sing some REO Speedwagon on my way to get coffee and nothing. Okay. Maybe a squeak.

Well, I can add one more chapter to the lost voices of Sara. I am currently without a voice. Thankfully, I just completed my last day in kindergarten for the semester. A kindergarten teacher without voice is really no good. I am planning on taking tomorrow to nurse my voice back to its normal state. I can't be driving in the car without doing my best to serenade my favorite 80's ballads. That'd be a crime.

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